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You’ll feel at ease and love being part of our supportive, inspiring community.


We get it – life got busy. But now it’s time to bring the magic and joy of singing back into your life again.


The BEST way to develop your self-expression and bring out your creative side!

“My husband and friends are pretty impressed with the transformation! They can’t believe it happened in only 5 weeks!”

Marivic V


After having coached some of Asia's most impressive voices, Krystal is making her best kept singing secrets available, accessible and affordable for ANYONE who wants to learn to sing.

And, YES, this method will work whether you’re a beginner or someone who used to sing but hasn’t done it in years.

A non-traditional approach to singing

Your voice is unique and should stay that way. 

We’re not here to make you sound like someone else – we’re here to help you to enhance all that makes your voice special and love the way you sound.

With our unique Vocal Alignment System™, you’ll discover and amplify the natural resonance of your unique voice. This means you’ll get to sing your favourite songs YOUR way, and be incredibly proud of the way you sound.


“I definitely gained the confidence I’d lost. Having that support and feedback has made me grow. My favourite part is meeting such amazing and inspiring people!”

Stacey M

United Kingdom

A fun, easy & effective way to learn to sing

Hi! I’m Krystal. If you’re someone who secretly (or not-so-secretly) loves to sing but you don’t know how to practice effectively and you just don’t like the way you sound, then you’ve come to the right place!

We are a community of vocal enthusiasts who totally know what it feels like to sing and flinch at what comes out!

For years, I felt I had to sound like other people before I could feel proud of my own voice.

It wasn’t until much later when I realised that pushing myself to sound a certain led to all kinds of unhelpful habits that kept my true voice stuck.

This realisation led to the creation of my Vocal Alignment System™.

If you’re ready to sing with joy and confidence then I would love to see you inside Singers Connect.  Best of all, you can join us no matter where you are in the world!


Introducing the Singers Connect Membership

Learn to love your true voice & amplify it with confidence

Our unique Vocal Alignment System™️ is the only singing course you’ll need to start applying pro-level vocal techniques to your singing.

Developed from Krystal’s 20+ years of experience as a professional singer and 16+ years as a full-time vocal coach, this course will take you from feeling like your voice is out of control, to hearing noticeable improvements and being proud of the voice you have.

Power up your vocals.

All our most powerful vocal exercises at your finger tips!

From standalone exercises that target specific problem areas, to combo exercises that’ll give your voice a powerful workout anytime you need it.

Suited for voices of all types from beginners who are starting from a blank canvas, to seasoned singers who are looking to fine tune their vocals, these exercises are personally created by Krystal and include clear tutorials so you know exactly how to do them.

Monthly practice themes

Never know what to practice? Never again! Every month, we’ll introduce a fun theme and weekly practice prompts designed to help you continue developing different aspect of your vocal skills, from high notes, to breathing control and vocal stamina.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re getting back into singing again, you’ll always have something to work on and inspiration to keep practicing. Plus, these practices only take 15-20 minutes to complete!

Feedback from our Mentor Coaches on your video or audio practices

Access to a top vocal coach right at the click of your fingers!

Upload an audio or video recording of your vocal practice each week for feedback from our amazing Mentor Coaches.

All of our Mentor Coaches have been personally trained by us, which means you’ll be getting clear, focused, action-oriented feedback that aligns with our system and teaching philosophies. 

You can also use your weekly feedback as a fantastic way to stay accountable to your own practices and track your progress.

"Earn" free private lessons just by practicing!

Every 3 months, we run a Pop-Up Challenge for our members.  Simply complete the weekly challenges and you’ll earn yourself a free private coaching session with one of our top coaches! 

A private community of singing besties

Your new best singing friends are waiting for you inside our diverse & supportive community of vocal students from around the world.

Share learning insights, collaborate on practice songs, join our community pop-up challenges, and so much more!

You’ll love your new singing life and wonder what took you so long to join the party!

“This membership has certainly increased my confidence in singing. It’s also rekindled my love for music. Moreover, it’s a wonderful avenue to relieve stress!”

Jennie Mack

Hong Kong

Don't wait another day to receive the gifts of your creative vocal expression.

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