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The Singers Connect Membership is created by celebrity vocal coach and voice expert, Krystal Diaz. We’re here to make the practice of singing fun, accessible and thoroughly enjoyable for anyone with a desire to find their voice and love the way they sound. Come join us!

"If there's a desire in you to learn to sing, it means you're meant to be exploring this side of yourself. It's time to let your voice shine!"

– Krystal Diaz

It Began When I Quit Singing…

Hi, I’m Krystal. I started singing on stage and in recording studios when I was 8 years old, but by the time I started university, I was so insecure about my own voice that I quit music entirely.

Many assumed that just because I was born into a musical family, and had all the opportunities to develop my craft, that I must have been “born talented”. 

The truth is that I struggled immensely with finding my voice. It wasn’t until much later in life (after an unfulfilling career as a marketing executive!) when I realised something was missing — MUSIC!

After much encouragement from my mom and vocal coach, Christine Samson, I made the decision to get back into singing. 

But this time, I told myself I would do it for me!

I let go of all the “pressure” to force my voice to sound a particular way and this freedom inadvertently led me to discover a whole new way to sing! 

Discovering Vocal Alignment

Vocal Alignment is when are using your voice the way nature intended, whether you are singing or speaking. 

The ONLY reason you are struggling to use your voice the way you really want to is because you have unhelpful habits getting in the way.

Change your habits and you can transform your life!

I spent over 15 years developing and honing my proprietary Vocal Alignment System so that I could share this completely unique approach to singing that changed my life with people from around the world. 

This method is suitable for anyone with a deep desire to sing well but doubts themselves or seriously dislikes their own voice. 


Singers Connect

In 2020, I launched The Online Vocal Academy and started my Singers Connect Membership to share my discoveries, insights and coaching with people all around the world. 

Initially, my goal was simply to make learning to sing approaching, fun, empowering and enjoyable even for those who have lost faith in their voices but who still felt a deep pull towards becoming a better singer. 

I’m proud to say that the Singers Connect Membership has enabled me to realise this goal and so much more.

Through Singers Connect, we’ve cultivated meaningful relationships with and between wonderful people from around the world who otherwise would never have met. 

We’ve also had the honour of bringing the transformative joy of singing to our international community of members who come from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures.

If you are someone who’s feeling that pull towards singing, but aren’t sure where to begin, take this as a gentle nudge from the universe that you’ve found your starting point. 

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