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The Singers Connect


Ready to Begin?

We have two incredible membership experiences with monthly or yearly payment options.

No matter which plan you choose, you will love the experience and feel fully supported as you venture into this exciting musical journey!

Membership Options


US$19 Per Month | US$180 Per Year

  • Vocal Alignment System™ Course
  • Vocal Alignment Exercises Library
  • Weekly Practice Feedback from Mentor Coaches
  • Monthly Practice Theme
  • Weekly Practice Prompts
  • Private Community
  • Monthly Practice Feedback from Krystal
  • 4 X Singing Breakthrough Sessions (Live Group Coaching) Per Month
  • All-Access Pass to Skills Building Workshop Library


US$97 Per Month | US$499 Per Year

  • Vocal Alignment System™ Course
  • Vocal Alignment Exercises Library
  • Weekly Practice Feedback from Mentor Coaches
  • Monthly Practice Theme
  • Weekly Practice Prompts
  • Private Community 
  • Monthly Practice Feedback from Krystal
  • 4 X Singing Breakthrough Sessions (Live Group Coaching) Per Month
  • All-Access Pass to Skills Building Workshop Library

The Details

The Vocal Alignment System™ Course|ALL TIERS

Finally, a singing course that doesn’t rely on confusing jargon, or just tell you singing is all about breathing and using your diaphragm.

Our proprietary Vocal Alignment System course is the only singing course you’ll need to learn and start applying pro-level vocal techniques, whether you are singing or speaking. 

Developed from Krystal’s 20+ years of experience as a professional singer and 15+ years as a full-time vocal coach, this course will take you from feeling like your voice is out of control, to hearing noticeable improvements and being proud of the voice you have.


Vocal Alignment Exercises Library|ALL TIERS

Our Exercises Library is a growing collection of our most commonly taught exercises.

From standalone exercises that target specific problem areas, to combo exercises that’ll give your voice a powerful workout.

Suited for voices of all types from beginners who are starting from a blank canvas, to seasoned singers who are looking to fine tune their vocals, these exercises are personally created by Krystal and include clear tutorials so you know exactly what to do. 

Weekly Practice Feedback From Mentor Coaches|ALL TIERS

As a member of Singers Connect, you get access to a top vocal coach right at your finger tips.

Simply post a question in our private community, or share an audio or video recording of your singing for feedback from our Mentor Coaches, who check in with our members weekly.

All of our Mentor Coaches have been personally trained by us, which means you’ll be getting clear, focused, action-oriented feedback that aligns with our system and teaching philosophies. 

You can also use your weekly feedback as a fantastic way to stay accountable to your own practices and track your progress.

Monthly Practice Themes |ALL TIERS

To help you stay focused and motivated, every month we’ll introduce a new practice theme, which varies month to month so can focus on developing different aspect of your vocal skills, from high notes, to breathing control and vocal stamina, etc.

Every so often we’ll also through in a fun pop-up challenge (with prize incentives!) to get you singing songs that may be a little outside your comfort zone.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re getting back into singing again, you’ll always have something to work on and inspiration to keep practicing.

Weekly Practice Prompts| ALL TIERS

Our goal is to make the practice of singing as enjoyable and effortless as possible, which is why we break down each theme of the month into actionable weekly practice prompts that’ll take you just 15-30 minutes to complete.

So if you are stuck knowing what or how to practice, simply refer to our weekly practice prompts (conveniently sent to you by email), and follow the action steps.

And when life gets busy and takes you on a detour away from music, these weekly practice prompts will help you quickly and easily get back on track again.

Private Community | ALL TIERS

Your new best singing friends are waiting for you inside our diverse & supportive community of vocal students from around the world.

Share learning insights, collaborate on practice songs, get together both online and in-person for singing parties, join our community singalong challenges, and so much more.

You’ll love your new singing life and wonder what took you so long to join the party!

Singing Breakthrough Sessions (Live Calls + Replays) | PREMIUM

Four times a month, our premium and pro members get together with our head coach, Krystal, for some live coaching.

At each session, Krystal will work privately with up to four members (while other members observe) with the goal of achieving a noticeable “breakthrough” in each student’s singing.

You can start by joining as an observer (or binge on all the replays for endless insights!). Then, when you’re ready, you can sign up for a coaching slot. 

Fireside Chats with Guest Experts + Replay Access |PREMIUM

Every so often we tap into our extensive network of professional performers, coaches and industry experts to share their wisdom and expertise with us in our Fireside Chat series.

As a Premium or Pro member, you will receive an exclusive invitation to join the Fireside Chats in our private Zoom room so that you can participate in the conversation, ask questions and personally get to know our guest experts.

You’ll also get an all-access pass to view replays of previous and future sessions.

Monthly Practice Feedback From Krystal|PREMIUM

Love the idea of Open Mics but aren’t quite ready to jump on the stage yet?

Premium and Pro Members are invited to submit one “polished” recording into our “Ongoing Virtual Open Mic” section every month.

This space is monitored by Krystal who will watch and provide personalised feedback and actionable guidance on your practice.


Skills Building Workshop Library |PREMIUM

Our Premium and Pro members get an all-access pass to our library of previously released skills-building workshops.

After all, once you get hooked on practicing (which you totally will!) and want to do more, we don’t want you to have to wait a full month before the next theme gets released!

Browse through our workshop library and pick one that resonates with you, or go through them one by one in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Easy! Just send an email to  at least two weeks before your next billing cycle and we’ll cancel your membership for you with no hard feelings whatsoever. While our goal is for you to LOVE your experience with us, we will never pressure you to stay in the membership if you’re ready to move on. We’re all about building authentic relationships, so if you should decide to move on from the membership, we hope you’ll stay in touch and keep us updated on your progress! 

What is your refund policy?

Your membership is backed by our money-back guarantee: sign up and try it risk-free for 30-days. If you don’t love the experience, just let us know within 30-days of enrolling and we’ll cancel your membership and give you a full refund.

Note, that if you sign up for a Pro membership and schedule a private lesson within your first 30-days, we won’t be able to offer you a refund. 

What if I live in a different time zone?

Perfect! This membership was created to be an experience you can enjoy from anywhere in the world. 

If you join at the Basic Level, you will certainly be able to participate fully no matter what time zone you are in.

For the Premium and Pro Membership levels, our live calls are typically catered to these time zones: US, Canada, UK and the Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc). 

As our membership grows, we will bring in more fantastic coaches to offer calls in more time zones and even different languages too. 

Also, for Premium and Pro Members, you get access to our Replays Library, so you will never truly miss out on any of the learning insights and conversations that take place during our live calls. 

What are the major differences between the two membership levels?

With the Basic level, you get everything you need to understand your voice and start practicing like a pro. You’ll also get weekly practice prompts and weekly feedback on your practice recordings from our Mentor Coaches.

The Premium Membership is more high-touch in that you will get more interactive coaching with our Mentor Coaches, Official Partner Coaches, Krystal and her Guest Experts. Also when you attend our Singing Breakthrough Sessions, you’ll inevitably develop deeper connections with fellow members from around the world. 

That being said, if you commit to following our practice prompts and engage with us full out inside our private community, you will certainly experience an improvement in your vocal skills and thoroughly enjoy the experience at every membership level. 

Isn't it better to learn in-person?

While in-person singing lessons definitely have their perks, let me tell you why our online membership is a game-changer.

First off, all of our calls are recorded which means you can watch and re-watch each call for insights whenever you want.

With our online platform, you set your own learning pace and build confidence at your own speed.

Oh, and forget waiting weeks for feedback. Our team is there for you every step of the way. From our unique course and exercises library, to weekly practice prompts and vocal feedback, we’ve got your back, ensuring you’re always on track to hit all those big notes.

Plus, you’ve got our diverse community of singing enthusiasts, which is like a global choir, bringing together singers from all walks of life. So, whether you’re into pop, jazz, or classical, you’ll find someone who gets your vibe.

So, while in-person lessons have their charm, our online membership offers a modern, convenient, and downright fun way to take your singing skills to the next level. 

What are the Singing Breakthrough Sessions?

Our Singing Breakthrough Sessions are included for Premium and Pro Members and are led by Krystal.

They take place 4 times a month to cater for different time zones and each session is approximately an hour long. 

At every session, Krystal will run 15-minute laser coaching with members who apply for these time slots in advance.

Members who are coached will get Krystal’s full attention as if they were in a private vocal lesson together. 

You will walk away feeling noticeable improvements in your voice and you’ll know exactly what to do next to keep making progress.

Members observing the laser coaching will also gain incredible insight and learn new tips and tools that they can apply to their own voices too. It’s a win-win for all! 

Am I guaranteed private coaching time with Krystal or any of her coaches?

Premium Members may apply for laser coaching slots during our Singing Breakthrough Sessions, but due to time limitations, we cannot guarantee that every Premium Member will get weekly coaching slots. 

Having said that, our Singing Breakthrough Sessions are delivered in a way that ensure you are getting a valuable learning experience whether you are getting coached or participating as an observer. 

You will always walk away with new insights and strategies to apply to your own singing practices.

Plus, you’ll look forward to catching up regularly with all your singing friends!

What languages do you accommodate for?

All of our teaching content and lessons are currently taught in English. 

Krystal happens to also be fluent in Cantonese and is skilled in teaching songs in both Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Our Mentor Coaches use English as a medium of instruction, though they are also multi-lingual.

As our memberhips grows, we will bring in more multi-lingual coaches to deliver trainings in different languages. 

Who would this membership NOT be appropriate for?

We welcome voices of all backgrounds and cultures. If you have a desire to sing and are ready to learn, you will love this experience.

That being said, as this membership does involve some independent learning and the option to upload self-recordings, we do not accept members who are under 18 years old unless they are enrolled by an adult guardian. 

This membership is also not appropriate for very young children (i.e. under 12 years old). 

Finally, since we focus on helping you develop your voice so that you can sing the songs you love most the way you want to, this membership would not be appropriate for you if your goal is to become a professional classically trained opera singer. 

The reason is simply that for traditional classical singing, there are very specific conventions that do need to be adhered if you want to enter that world professionally, and our membership does not cater for that specific goal. 

How do I enrol?

So glad you asked! Simply scroll up to choose our Membership Tier and click “Start Now”.

Enter your details in the checkout page and once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive your access links via email to unlock the paid spaces inside of our community.

After you enrol, you’ll also start getting your weekly coaching emails with your practice prompts.